[SOLVED] Updating Rockstor with NVMe SSD system drive

I am new to Rockstor. I have installed the system on a NVMe SSD drive which is connected using a PCIe adapter card. The motherboard does not support booting from such a configuration so I used a USB flash drive to hold the /boot partition with everthing else on the SSD drive. The installation went fine and the system booted successfully using the flash drive as the boot device. I was able to connect to the web interface and everything looked fine.

The problem occurred when I tried to upgrade Rockstor from the stable repository. The upgrade went OK but when the system booted, the kernel panicked because it could not mount the root file system. Evidently one of the boot files did not get updated properly because of my unique configuration. Can anyone give me assistance for correcting this problem?

Never mind. I booted up with the old kernel and removed and reinstalled the new kernel package. The system booted up fine. There were some unfinished tranasactions which I completed with “yum-complete-transactions”. But the system didn’t boot properly until I reinstalled the kernel package

@japrogrammer Welcome to the Rockstor community and glad you got things sorted.

This sounds like you may have rebooted while the package updates were in progress, ie the need for the:

bit. We have seen this as the Rockstor Web-UI isn’t very good at surfacing ongoing updates. This is exahberated by our iso being ages old now so there are now hundreds of MB of updates that have to be installed. There are plans to address both of these but unfortunately you were caught between them.

Thanks for sharing your findings re the NVMe /boot work around for such motherboards and for helping to support Rockstor’s development via a stable channel subscription.