Some Problems With Owncloud

Hi, New user here. I’ve been running Rockstor for more than a month now. It’s been rock solid for me. But I have some problems with Owncloud.
I see there’s 3 versions of Owncloud, two of them are Owncloud and Owncloud-Official. I installed the first one but never get it to work.

Then I installed the second one, this happened
“Your Data directory is readable by other users
Please change the permissions to 0770 so that the directory cannot be listed by other users.”
I’m a complete noob about Linux, but I’ll try all the suggestions

I’ve had to dig around to get my OwnCloud working too. I spent 5 hours in the forums here and digging around my dockers but I’ve reduced it down to something that might be useful for you too. First, I installed the Rockon for the plainly named “Owncloud” rock on, not the HTTPS or “Official” builds. After install, the GUI failed for me (like it has many others).

If you run docker ps you’ll see that the OwnCloud container is stuck trying on running a script called Some other smarties have found that it’s hanging on a timezone difference, that you can edit and fix yourself pretty quick, but the pain in the butt is just finding the file. So here is my boiled down version, hopefully it helps you too:

First I hopped into my “rockons” docker directories:

cd /mnt2/rockons/btrfs/subvolumes

Then I did a search for the specific line of code we’re looking to edit in the script.

grep -rlw 'ln -sf "/usr/share/zoneinfo/$1" /etc/localtime'| less

Once it finds me the file I’m looking for I don’t end the grep/less search, you can push ctrl+z to push that search to the background, and you can pull it back up if you need to with the foreground command: fg

That search should tell you where that file is but it’s going to be a mess of letters and numbers and like 30 characters long. That’s fine, we just need to nano it. The command to its path will be very similar to this:

nano mnt2/rockons/btrfs/subvolumes/WhateverDockerFolderItFines/usr/bin/

In there you can scroll down and near the bottom and change the line:

ln -sf “/usr/share/zoneinfo/$1” /etc/localtime
ln -sf “/usr/share/zoneinfo/$1” /etc/localtime2

Save the file, restart the OwnCloud rockon and you should be good to go. ALL DONE!


WAIT there’s more! You’ll likely hit a “trusted domain” page when you go to open the GUI. To fix that you need to add info to the config.php file. So let’s go where that is located (if you followed the suggested share names in the OwnCloud RockOn documentation they suggested ‘owncloud-config’):

cd mnt2/owncloud-config/
nano config.php

adjust the lines near the beginning to match your IP, IP and port, and even localhost just to be safe… So swap what I’ve written with YOUR host’s IP, and YOUR port number for OwnCloud

‘trusted_domains’ =>
array (
0 => ‘’,
1 => ‘’, 
2 => 'localhost:8080'

Save that nano, and again, restart the rockon just to be sure it’s all reset.

Now give it a try, after those steps, it seems to always work consistently for me now.

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