SongKong: Accessing custom port 4567

It is a music tagging software for people who aren’t familiar with songkong. I have a lot of music files on NAS, and I would like to tag them using the songkong app. I have command-line options. However, the app comes with a web UI which is easier to use for everyone in my family. I wonder if I could open port 4567 or other custom ports to access apps. Songkong has a docker app for UnRaid. I was able to install on the Rockstor appliance and run it using the command line. So I am getting greedy for UI. :slight_smile:

@avan, fundamentally you should be able to access that port on your home network already, since it’s mapped on the container. Have you tried the http(s)://<rockstor.ip>:3457. Assuming that it’s only a webUI that does need things like multi-casting (which in turn would require the net=host option in the command line).

Did you spin up the container via the Rockon facility or on the command line directly with docker run ...?

Not that it really matters in this case (I think), which version of Rockstor are you running?


I spun up a Rockstor VM (4.1.0), and started up the songkong container via the command line (as described here:

Then tried to connect using http://<rockstor.ip>:4567 (http, not https) and … voila the webUI shows up


So, it should work right out of the box for you as well inside your home network


Thank you. Yes. The docker pull worked as expected.


@avan Well done getting that sorted.

Do you fancy making a Rock-on for this. You have likely already worked out the greater part of it anyway.

Each Rock-on is just a json file defining what you have likely already worked out. The instructions to create a locally defined (within a directory you create) Rock-on definition are in the Rock-ons repo’s Readme:

Quite a few folks here on the forum have done this for their own purposes and many have then also submitted them for others to use. It may make for an easier time in the future regaring maintaining this facility yourself also. I.e. it can then more easily be installed.

Just a thought, and do ask here, or in a more focused thread if you have any issues in creating your custom Rock-on.

Hope that helps.