Sort by ISO date

Hey there,
I went to the snapshot page and sort by “created on” only to realise it sorts by alphabetical order going like this:


This, of course, is of very little use.

Could we agree on using the much more machine friendly ISO date format instead?

is just as easy to read than
March 30th 2019
and would sort properly.

Best regards.


@maclm A very belated welcome to the Rockstor community. And nice find.

Agreed. We have a few UI bugs of that sort in some of our tables. I’m partly to blame here as I’ve re-arranged a few of the columns without in turn addressing the type of sort each column should observe. I’ve made an issue for at least the date sort error side of this as I see this as the main issue here, and I’ve linked a couple of other GitHub issues to that one that are potentially also outstanding:

Thanks again for reporting your findings, much appreciated.

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Well, thanks to you for taking care of it so promptly :slight_smile: