Spreading the awesomeness

As I was retiring my two previous HP MicroServers in lieu of my new Ryzen Rockstor box, I decided to install Rockstor onto the N54L and give it to my father.

He’s now running a dedicated Rockstor server with 3x3Tb disks in Raid 10 quite happily with the following Rockons:

  • Sonarr
  • CouchPotato
  • NZBGet
  • Deluge
  • Plex
  • OpenVPN (mainly for my remote debugging!)

Configuration the second time around was much easier, knowing now what I’m dealing with, and I had him up and running in <2 hours.

He’s a fairly techy guy himself, so should hopefully be able to sort out most issues that arise without intervention.

Thanks to the Rockstor team for an providing an awesome all-in-one solution.




Sounds like a son that every father would wish to have :slight_smile:

Good thing that you installed that OpenVPN. Hopefully you won’t need it too much!