SSD Caching options - Do they exist?

Moving from a FreenNAS 9.1.x server to Rockstor 3.8.x

My freenas server had 10 x 4tb SAS drives with a standard desktop SSD for L2ARC and a SLC-Based SSD for ZIL/SLOG.

The system is primarily used for media editing over a 10gb network and will be storing large files. We handle 4K Raw media and sometimes encode over the network, but not too often.

What I am looking for is a read/write cache leveraging the available SSD’s. I am about to install Rockstor and wanted to see if it had those options before I went digging.

Appreciate the assist. Looking forward to seeing what Rockstor has to offer!


There is already a thread talking abut it. To answer the question devs working on it

Thanks, I’ll dig around the board as well. Sounds like nothing today, but plans for later versions.

Post is here in case anyone else comes looking: SSD Read / Write Caching