Ssl on nextcloud official rockon

Hi all I’m smashing my head, i would activate ssl on nextcloud official rockon any idea on how to do?

Hi, afaik there is no way of enabling so you will need to let the traffic go through something like nginx to add ssl.

I have a letsencrypt rock-on I my GitHub repository that can do this, if you are interested I can share my config for it when I get home.


Please i would try to configure properly my nas
What do you think if i use certbot?

Hi @Giacomo_Bruno1,

As @HBDK answered, using Letsencrypt is currently a very good way to do so, and the Docker image used by @HBDK’s rock-on (linked in his post) is an excellent one. I’m a little short on time at the moment, but you can find more explanation on the Docker image’s documentation, or in a blog post written by (team author of this Docker image). The latter is more detailed than needed, but it does contain a good explanation and illustration of the overall process.

On the Rockstor side of things, there are plans to ease this kind of setup–with the goal of providing the elements to do everything through web-UI–but a lot of “background” elements need to be implemented first. The good news is, however, that most of this “foundation” work is well under-way (as detailed in several Github issues: #1982, #2003, #2009, #2013). Unfortunately, most of the current effort is focused on the transition to the next versions of Rockstor based on openSUSE, so this Rock-on-related work will not be ready before that.

Again, in the meantime I highly second @HBDK’s recommendation and the use of this Letsencrypt rock-on so I would give this a try at least.

I hope this helps, and let us know how it goes.

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Installed the rockon but i need help cause i dont understand
Finally i solved thanks for guide helped me alot