Stable updates renewal?

It’s been over a year since I paid so I owe you guys some money.
But… uhh… where? The Shop says it is down.


@wdc Thanks for the concern and keeping this in mind.

As per the notice on the shop, it’s not so much ‘down’ as moving in the background. I’m awaiting a shopify plugin developer’s response, plus one or two other bits and bobs before I can return the shop to having no password; and taking monies for the subscription service that helps to pay our way server wise etc. I’ve also pursued and am pursuing means by which we can cut our costs as this current shop situation is a little tricky sustainability wise.

However all existing subscriptions are ongoing and will not be expired during this period, (even if Appman states them to be expired), as folks can’t renew them so that seemed fair. We also have, at time of writing, the latest Stable release pre-installed in our v4 downloads anyway. I’ll get things sorted soon, hopefully, and will post an update here when I do.

All down to a move/emigration on my part and on the part of the business that backs Rockstor and it’s subscriptions payments. Hopefully this wont cause too much disruption given the above state, but yes, bit of a poor show. But I’m working on it, as time allows.

Again thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development. And the new setup of the shop/business is a bit of a chicken and egg situation in that regard. Things were just a lot more complicated with my own and the business’s move than I had initially hoped. But the dust is settling, if way more slowly than I had hoped.