Stepping stones to programing

I would like to get better at programing so I can create things. My current goal would be to create a rock on. I figure with containers being the next big thing this would be a good thing to shoot for. I have a 2 year degree in programing where I used Visual basic, C#, java, html, asp, and rpg(i’m terrible at rpg). My environment was visual studio. I have used minimal programing since I started my job 2 years ago.(computer technician)

Now as far as learning style I watch then do. This way somebody shows me then I do it for retention. I can find tutorials online for how to do certain projects but have no ideas what ones to start with. What are some good things to try to make to work my way up to my goal to get back into and learn more fundamentals.

Thanks for your interest @greenwithao! Do you have an app in mind that you’d like to create a rock on for? A good place to start is to learn Docker: Hope that gives you enough to move forward. Feel free to ask more questions. You can also PM or e-mail me:

I was thinking more along the lines of what concepts should I practices and would be good to know before trying something bigger. Also to help make my code cleaner.
Example: make a web page with x features, Do x with a database/xml, do x with recursion or a loop.

Also what languages should I use when i start again. The ones I was best at were windows centric(C# and VB) and would like to have my applications be platform neutral. I know java is this but java also has alot of security problems.(or is this out of proportion)

Is this the right forum for this (really broad) question?