Success! (migrate to new machine, new drives, re-activated)

Just replaced my many years old Rockstor running on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 (about 4TB) with a not quite as old Dell PowerEdge R710 (about 9TB).

I think I accidentially on purpose planned this upgrade well, as the whole thing went off without a hitch.

Renewed my Stable Channel subscription on the old machine before doing anything. Got it all updated and happy. Pretty sure that was key to anything working later.

Burned the install ISO to a DVD, installed, configured and then using ‘rsync’ across the LAN, copied over all the data to the new host.

Then, signed into - changed the appliance ID to the new install. And using Phillip’s handy one line script (find it here: How do I recover the activation license to the 1-year subscription?) , recovered the Activation ID from my old instance. Slapped that into the new host and she’s updating as we speak. All data checks, and it’s off to the races for - I hope - many more years of reliable service.

As painless an upgrade and re-activation as I’ve ever run into. Better than most commercial setups! Thanks all - nicely done.