Suggestions: UX improvments


Thanks for a great storage solution! Here are some suggestions to further improve the UI


Top Navigation bar

  1. It is mixing menus items and systems information, some of which may be redundant/not relevant as top level info
  2. It could be helpful to replace Rockstor version number and kernel version with “System up to date/System NOT up to date” at this level.
  3. Local time is probably already featuring prominently on most screens(?)
  4. Consider grouping items “Hostname”, “Uptime”, “Mgmnt IP” and item 2 above in a “quick status” Div somewhere (including version numbers)
  5. System Shell - Great (but refuses to work for me, I will log another issue for that). Could belong under System only? May otherwise bring the wrong impression to new users?
  6. Under “Logged in user” - it could be handy to be able to change password/edit that user here

Dashbord left menu
Works fine but would look cleaner if the blue checkboxes had their own column and text was kept to the right

Storage and Systems sub menus
Under storage the first items seems to appear in “logical workflow order” (Disk-Pools-Shares but I miss File sharing as the next logical step) and the rest in random order. Under System all items seems to appear in random order (since it’s probably hard to define a workflow here). As the lists may grow, it may be good to pick one of the following alternatives:

  1. Alphabetical order for all items
  2. Alphabetical order for all items and group Disk-Pools-Shares (and files haring) together with sub-sub menu items
  3. Frequency of use

Disks page
There seems to be som redundant info here; “Name” seems to be “Model” plus “Serial”. Vendor seems to be ATA?
APM may need a Tool-tip. How can APM be changed?.
To get a cleaner look;

  1. You could consider using a shorter name such as sda/sdb/sdc or just an assigned number Disk 1, Disk 2,…
  2. Make the table heading appear a bit mor snappy; more contrast heading text in bold/black etc

It would be helpful to see SMART status or att least easily be able to schedule SMART scans and email alerts. At the moment it’s a bit inconsistent to schedule SMART scans from the Disk page while other Scheduled tasks are managed under System; while in the Pool page under the scrubs tab there is a nice button to start a scrub and a nice link “or you can schedule a periodic scrub by clicking here.” ending you up in the Scheduled tasks page

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