Switch from OMV to Rockstor

Hello Guys, I’m the new one. I want to try Rockstor. At the moment i use Openmediavault. All my drives are connected via Mergerfs. Is it possible to use the drives (i don’t want to delete them) directly in Rockstor? The drive are all ext4 formatted.
Mergerfs is working with Rockstor, right? I just want JBOD and one large Drive listed in my explorer :wink:

@Smack welcome to the Rockstor community.

Since Rockstor has been purpose-built to take advantage of btrfs, it will not manage mergerfs connected drives (or ext4 for that matter). You can of course connect them/mount them to the Rockstor system manually, but as far as I know they won’t show up as usable under the Rockstor WebUI, since its focus is btrfs as the underlying infrastructure.


@Hooverdan already answered your question but I wanted to emphasize a point related to your last requirement listed:

If I understand correctly, this is exactly what you’ll get with Rockstor as the logical unit that you will access from a client will be however many shares you will export through the protocol of your choice. For instance, you can create a Pool using 25 different hard drives, and then 1 or more Share(s) on that Pool, and then you can export this/these share(s) via Samba. Your client (windows/mac/linux) will thus see this one or multiple share(s) you just exported.
Have a look at our descriptions for Disks, Pools, and Shares for additional information as this will be a much better description than what I just did above:

Let us know if that answers your questions.