Syncthing external folders

hi everyone, this is a problem which has been bugging me since started using rs. i would like to sync some folders which are outside the syncthing-data folder (which is pretty much useless as it is). how do i go about it? i undrstand that every rockon has its own data folder, but what’s the point? i have different shares for photos, docs, music, etc which of course are different from the syncthing-data but when i try to enter the path for the folder i get the usual permission problem. how would i include those folders in the sync?

many thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @satello,

I’m not using this particular Rock-on, but I believe I should be able to help.
If I understand your problem correctly, you simply need to make the Rock-on aware of your Rockstor shares of interest. This is a normal behavior due to the containerized nature of Docker (Rock-ons are wrappers around Docker containers), which are isolated from the rest of the system.
Briefly, turn-off the Rock-on, and then click the wrench icon, then Add volume, and then select the Rockstor share you want to access from the Syncthing Rock-on.
More details below:

Hope this helps.


finally… understand, that works. thanks a lot