Syncthing rock-on, additional shares?

Hi there,

so, the syncthing rock-on is great, but I’d love to be able to add additional shares to be synced. Is this supported by the underlying rock-on infrastructure? I guess not via the web-ui currently, it looks like the rock-on json file needs to specify in advance how many shares there are?

If its not currently possible, I’d think it’d be useful for other rock-ons too to add an unspecified amount of shares, and mount them at specific folders in the container hierarchy. Even if it was hidden under an “Advanced” option or so.

Any comments, advice?

@worthship A belated welcome to the Rockstor community to you.

This is not strictly true. Some rock-ons do allow this, ie look at the Plex and our recent Zoneminder ones.
If the Rock-on has the following entry in it’s ‘top’ level, ie at the same level as the “website” entry then the “spanner” shows an “Add Storage” button.

        "volume_add_support": true,

ie take a look at the plex Rock-on doc and specifically towards the end of the Adding Shares to Plex section.

On just looking it seems that the current Syncthing Rock-on has this entry so you should be able to add shares via that same mechanism.

Hope that helps and do let the forum know how you get on with this.

Incidentally I agree that this ‘feature’ does lack a little affordance however a spanner for further configuration is in line with this ‘advanced’ type settings.

Ah right, of couse. Stupid me, didn’t see the button! Thanks!