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Just a notification that Rockstor’s syncthing Rock-on has recently been subject to upstream changes that are now just coming into sync again.

Essentially syncthing the project updated their discovery port from 21025 to 21027, this was noticed and address by @fago on GitHub who opened a pull request on the docker image used by our Rock-on. I then opened the following issue to keep track of these changes so that we might update our Rock-on definition accordingly:

The above issue contains links to the relevant changes and pull request.

Apologies but I have only just noticed that @fago’s pull request was accepted and merged 16 days ago, and so the docker image we use on docker hub was confirmed as updated 16 days ago and again 4 days ago. Consequently I have opened a pull request to similarly update the port configuration in our Syncthing Rock-on:

This lengthy chain of event is unfortunately unavoidable but luckily these port changes upstream are relatively rare.

Note that the information on Docker Hub regarding the istepanov/docker-syncthing ports is currently not in sync with the actual docker file / image. But there is a pull request open to amend this anomaly.

Just a quick notification that the above issue and pull request covering the syncthing Rock-on port changes have now been merged. Thanks for everybody’s patience on getting this sorted. We are now only waiting on the pull request to update the upstream readme that still states the old discovery port, but this does not affect functionality; it’s just a bit confusing when visiting the consequent Docker Hub info page.

Sory I did not see this post before, but I do have an issue with the syncthing rockon I installed and it is working as it should, but can not update. I posted under the troubleshooting tread. (I was not shure if rockons was the right place) nevertheless this is what I posted.

Should I delete that and post I here?? I still need to fix the problem.