Syncthing setup


I know the Syncthing Rock-on thread said to put all questions on Syncthing there, but I have a few questions, and will post a link to this thread there instead. We can distill the outcome there too.

So, I aim to use syncthing to copy my data from old PC to my rockstor, which will also eventually be a backup, using snapshots rather than Syncthing file versioning.

Creating a folder to start with, the default seems to be to put it in /config/Sync (which if I understand correctly is /mnt2/syncthing-config/Sync) Given the advice to make syncthing-config a 1 GB share, this is not going to go far.

so I changed the default folder location to /home/syncthing/Sync, and according the the rock-on mapping, this will be in syncthing-data.

So far so good.

I setup my test folders (didn’t want to trust my photos to my novice understanding…) and I finally got syncing going, and one-way, too, with rockstor being receive only, and my desktop being send only.

Then, my desktop’s hostname stopped being sent to the router’s dhcp server, so ip address couldn’t be found. Some setting in ubuntu’s NetworkManager config was wrong. Fixed now.

It took a while, even with rescan interval turned down to 1 minute, but they’re talking again. Hooray!

Now, I’m a little bothered by “Global Discovery” and “Enable NAT Traversal”. Do I really need those if I only want to use syncthing on my local network?