Syncthing RockOn seems broken

I am having the following problem:
Rockstor Web UI was not accessible after upgrade from 3.8.16-10 to 3.8.16-11.
Accessed it over SSH and upgraded to version 3.8.16-12.
The only RockOn i am using is Syncthing, but i can not access its webUI anymore.
Already tried deleting Syncthingconfig and RockOns share, but still no luck.

Anyone experiencing the same?

@div0 Hello.

Could you clarify weather it’s just the Syncthing UI or the Rockstor UI as well that are not working. Note that after each upgrade it’s currently necessary to reboot for the docker / Rock-ons to work as intended. This is a known issue, often simply re-enabling the Rockon service is all that is needed.

and @Flyer 's response:

Hope that helps.

After upgrade to 3.8.16-12 Rockstor UI was working again.
Rebboted several times, deleted RockOns share and Syncthingshare, but Syncthing WebUI is not accessible