Syncthing with User Directories & Samba

I’ve installed syncthing per the instructions here:
Everything’s working great. Essentially I’ve got about three separate workstations - and I like to keep my documents, photos, music, downloads, etc in sync on them. I’ve got some questions about how things are actually working though.

My configuration is:

  • server shares
    • rockons-root
    • syncthing-config
    • syncthing-data
  • shares
    • /home/syncthing/backup/
    • /home/syncthing/documents/
    • /home/syncthing/downloads/
    • /home/syncthing/music/
    • /home/syncthing/pictures/

So this works - and my work is replicated across my three workstations. But I’m confused about some of the implimentation details.

  • I imagine this is a btrfs subvolume thing that I don’t understand - when I ls /home/ I don’t see the syncthing directory - just the user directories for the two user accounts I’ve created. Where is /home/syncthing? How do I view the files stored there?
  • Is it possible to expose my user directory (i.e: /home/nfarrar) with CIFS/AFS?
  • Is it possible to bind the syncthing instance to my user and store the synchronized files in my user directory, rather than in some other location?

Ideally the goal is that eventually I’ll run two separate instances of syncthing - one for me and one for my wife. In both cases our home directories will be exposed as network shares (Samba/AFS) and require authentication. We will each have our own instance of syncthing running, storing our data in our home directories. This way it’s the same dataset in a single place accessible via network shares, syncthing shares, etc.

Make sense? Possible? Not possible?

/home/syncthing is the path inside the Rock-on. As far as Rockstor is concerned, everything is in /mnt2/syncthing-data. Export it via samba and you should see your files. You can map more Shares to arbitrary paths inside the Rock-on to organize further. I do this as. I am a big fan of Syncthing!

Currently no. Only Shares can be exported. You’ll have to manually edit samba config for this. How is this useful to you?

My eventual goal is to have all my user data sitting in my home directory on my NAS as my ‘master copy’. The intent being that I can access this data via a network share, via syncthing (i.e. syncing my docs to multiple workstations), via SFTP/SSH, etc.

Regardless of how I access it, it’s the same dataset.

You may have a good reason for it but it’s not obvious to me why you want your data on the nas to be in your home directory. Why not on a Share?

Hi, @suman!

Please, how did you map shares other than syncthing_data, like you mentioned?