System crash with S.M.A.R.T test

Hello, I guess it’s a bug.

In SSH, as root, when I tab to autocomplete a command, the entire system crash and I need to hard reboot it.

Hi @duponin and welcome to Rockstor :sunny:

Never had issues on ssh to Rockstor, how do you ssh to your machine? linux shell or putty?


Hi and thank you.

I ssh to my machine with putty, on the same local network.
I boot my nas this morning and try to make it crash but nothing happen…

Maybe that was a combination of factors because I use a ‘very’ old disk but it crash twice with because of ssh (that’s my theory).

If anything happen, I will update this thread about the crash.


I answer too fast… My bad.

Always in SSH (putty), I have done a smartest (short) of system disk and…
It crashed !

It don’t even respond to ping.
I suposed that I need to change the hdd ?


@duponin Are you saying that your system hangs if you do a S.M.A.R.T short self test of the Rockstor system disk?

The S.M.A.R.T sefl tests can also be initiated by clicking on the drive name in the disk page and selecting the far right tab. If it is the case that a smart short test causes system hang then your drive is very poorly indeed.

You could start a ping to the Rockstor machine then initiate the SMART self test and see if the ping then fails during the test, potentially indicating a hard lock. This rules out any ssh element. Rockstor, from the ssh server perspective, is essentially vanilla CentOS 7.3 (once updated) which is unlikely to have such an issue re ssh server.

Let us know how it goes with other hardware. You might want to change the title of this thread to indicate your current findings however because as is it describes something that is highly unlikely to be software related. You might also want to test the system memory via the memtest86+ option built into the install disk. Please see the first section of our:

Pre-Install Best Practice (PBP) in the official Rockstor docs:

Memory Test (memtest86+)

Hope that helps and remember that this memory test can push your CPU and memory cooling significantly so make sure these are in order, ie no clogged up fans etc.

Hi @phillxnet , thank you for your reply.

I’ve done a Memory Test for about 02h30 and no errors (pass completed).

All smart test were done through SSH, in terminal.

I tried to make the test with the web-ui but it don’t work with any disk… (I’m probably dumb)

I also can’t find any ressources to get help (the documentation miss lot of things, and web search is pretty empty…)

Anyway, excuse me for that not really relevant post, not a lot of information and I’ve been busy last days.


@duponin Cheers for the update:


As stated:

And from the Disks section in the docs we have: the second paragraph containing a link to the dedicated S.M.A.R.T section, and shortly there after another link to the S.M.A.R.T section in the links description:

"Table links from left to right:-

Drive ‘by-id’ Name - see drive’s S.M.A.R.T / status.


You do not need to add any custom options (you posted pic) and as indicated on that custom options page text those options are not valid anyway. Just clear all custom options if any were added (it’s more for advanced use) and you should be able to access all smart stuff as directed by the indicated doc links above.

Thanks for the heads up on the search, it does appear to be malfunctioning.

Acknowledged, but there is apparently more there than at first it seems. The search being broken is certainly not helping though. You may just have to dig in there a little more for the time being. I do plan on putting in some time to cleaning up the organisation a bit but there are a few more programming tasks I need to see to first really.

Is your system still hanging during a smart test?

@suman Could the doc search be looked into at the next available maintenance ‘slot’ as “S.M.A.R.T” returned nothing for me! Thanks.