System->Identiy->Access Key

Looking to remove an entry in this space. Mean to enter it in the Add Appliance section, there does not seem to be a remove Access Key menu option.


Thanks, DVR

@dvanremortel A belated Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Have you tried the “bin” icon to the far right of the Access Keys table?

Hope that helps.

Let me guess, your nick name is #rockstar? lol.
Damn browser was not wide enough to see the bin.
Yup, works like a charm. Please excuse my lack of browser width.

@dvanremortel Hello again.

Actually your question has lead to the following observation which I have duly opened a issue for - with appropriate attribution of course:

Which looks like an excellent ‘my first pull request’ candidate for anyone who fancies it. Please see Contributing to Rockstor - Overview and more specifically the Developers subsection.

By way of a hint for any prospective code contributors please see the following file excerpt:

Note the suspicious lack a “Actions” in that last table head row entry (line 36 currently)":

Could be related: just saying :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.