System shell error

If I try to open a system shell I get an error stating 502 badgateway nginx/1/10.2
I’m not proficient enough to understand the cryptic explanation I find on several webpages.
What I read the most that I need to restart one or the other service, but I’m in the dark here.
Can anybody explain it in a bit more layman language?

Under system, services, shell in a box:
Worked when I check the option shell in popup window.
Works also when I select ssh instead of login.
Well I suppose it is meant to work this way.

I had this as well when I initially enabled the service as well, but the shell began working after about an hour or so.

If this doesn’t help you, you can try stopping and starting the service from the system menu, under ‘Services’.
I believe it’s on page two of the services list.

Failing that, on the same page, try clicking the spanner icon next to the service name, and changing from ‘LOGIN’ to ‘SSH’, as a quick google has shown one person experience the same problem and alleviate it like this.

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