T-shirts and Stickers? Rockstor Shop!

Hello Everyone!

We got some T-shirts and Stickers for sale in our brand new shop. I’ve also added a link to it in the top navbar.

We are planning to add more items including a 4-bay server similar to the one I blogged about a while ago. Your ideas are welcome!

This is a great way to support our effort, so head on over to the shop.

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It would be neat if the 4-bay affair were also badged, the linked case doesn’t seem to have a place for it though. Or possibly those little square stickers that systems sometimes have an area for could be offered.

Maybe this shop link could also be presented along with the donation prompt on the update page.

Absolutely. I need to do a bit more testing, but planning to offer the same or almost same 4-bay box that powers most of our stuff including this forum. It’s coming.

Thanks for the UI prompt suggestion. We’ll update that too with next release.

Thanks for the tip. As you may have already seen, we did this in 3.8-3