Ten64 - Rockstor on 64-bit ARM

Hi all,

We (Traverse) have been working on a collaboration to bring Rockstor to our latest and greatest hardware - called Ten64.

It’s a Mini-ITX board with an eight core, carrier grade network processor (LS1088A), packing lots of Ethernet ports (1G and 10G), M.2 card slots for SSD’s and SATA controllers and miniPCIe for WiFi access point support. It is ideal for a ‘home server’ that fills both networking and private cloud functions.

Rockstor 4 (built on openSuSE) works on Ten64 (using the ARM64EFI profile), you can also use a virtualization solution such as our μVirt or openSuSE KVM virtualization if you want to run other workloads on the Ten64 side by side.

You can find out more details about Rockstor on Ten64 and a NAS hardware bundle we have put together here:


Ten64’s are now starting to be shipped!

The Ten64 production firmware is configured to work with the new network management drivers in kernel >5.10 by default, which means Rockstor (based on openSUSE Leap 15.x, 5.3 kernel) will not work ‘out of the box’.

If you wish to run Rockstor directly (not virtualized) you will need to:

Additionally, there is an addon-driver package for the Ten64 which adds hardware monitoring/sensor and other enhancements. Due to time constraints this has not been updated for Leap 15.3 yet but will be refreshed soon.