Testing ESXi drive removal

I am new to rockstor and I must say I really like the Web interface. However through testing I created 3 drives in esxi and put raid 5 over them.

I then deleted a drive and realized that it didn’t detect the drive dropping off. I then tried to add a new drive to replace the old the drive after a reboot and it simply wouldn’t allow it and got everything broken where I couldn’t delete the RAID set or anything.

Currently there is no notification mechanism when drives drop. It’s almost on the top of our list though. For now, you’d have to configure S.M.A.R.T (System -> Services) and setup e-mail notifications (System -> E-mail) appropriately.

Oh, and thanks for liking Rockstor and welcome to the community!

Ahh so currently there is no hot add function then. What is the ETA you guys are aiming for this.

@jonathanbastin Just pasting here as it may be relevant. Back in November 2015 there was a btrfs patch set submitted that added the hot spare and auto replace capability. I don’t think this is what you are asking but wanted to paste here just in case it came up. Also note that I don’t know if this patch was actually added to the distrubuted btrfs tree or not yet.


Rockstor is obviously dependent on base btrfs capabilities being prescent before they can be integrated with the appliance side of the GUI.

It is however entirely possible to add disks to an existing pool via the current Rockstor GUI, assuming that pool is healthy. I’m afraid this is another question best answered by @suman .

Cool thanks. The key is when I added a disk it didn’t recognise the disk being added and required a restart to see the new disk. Now I am not sure this if this is it working with ESXi or it is just how it works but wanted to make the comemnt.

When a new disk is hot-plugged, you need to hit rescan in Storage -> Disks view of the UI. I can’t wait to improve this stuff, though. It’s embarrassingly rudimentary right now ;(

That’s what I did but only a reboot picked the disk up and then I lost the superblock. It also didn’t allow me to add a disk to the array apart from to expand.