The new disk activity widget, possible enhancements

With the latest updates to the testing channel the Dashboard widgets have been massively improved, to a point where they never crash my browsers. Good job!

The disk activity also got a “facelift”.

I really like the new widget, but there is room for improvement (I think):

The colour of a disk should allways remain the same, so that its easier to follow in the graphical view at the top of the widget. As it is now it is almost impossible to see which disk is active, and when you find it, another one has taken its colour due to the automatic sorting. This way you could also eliminate disks from the view, by choosing them in the list (as of now it just eliminates the colour, which is not very usefull).

In the bottom disk activity bar, I would like a selection that shows a graph for all the drives (where their activities are added together). Prefereably with the same colours as above.

Hope my explenations are understandable :slight_smile:


Thanks @KarstenV, happy to read users like it :smiley:

Disks colours : Totally agree with you and had same idea while coding, but skipped it to have all widget ready to be released on new stable branch (probably coming these days, I have seen @suman working on it in Github).
Disk activity bar : Do you mean all line charts showing all disks??

Meanwhile here is new issue on 3.8-16 road :wink:

Thanks for the answer.

Ok, I thought it would be an obvious improvement. The dificulty could be systems with many disks, like 20 or more. The list of disks and colours could become very long.

Yes, I mean an all disks line chart, so you could follow activity as reading/writing shifts from disk to disk in RAID. Some disk lines would overlap, but with colouring it should be possible to tell the disks apart.

Hi @Flyer. Yes, the stable update is technically out and the announcement, new iso etc… will come out shortly.

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Just one question: what about latest PR (all ready) not yet merged?!? Going on next testing?


yup. But I want to keep the 3.8.16 cycle short(end of nov) given there’s high contribution activity thanks to you guys!

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Ok, while talking about next cycle, played a bit with Github Projects there -> , but having that on rockstor core repo probably should help all contributors (had no way to do it on repo, write perms required to start a new project, but had it on organizations -> don’t you find it a little strange?!?)