The system does not have an ip address

occasionally after rebooting i get the above message. is there a command to run a script? Of note, the install program does find the wired interface.

and and every othe rtime i reboot i get a message /dev/sdq3 does not exist. i can reboot and get past that then sometimes back to the ip address issue.


@aaron What version of Rockstor do you see this message appear? In a recently update there have been some changes to also suggest one press enter so that the message might be updated with the actual IP. It turned out that on some hardware the console is ready before the IP has been setup so it should now indicate this: ie the message explains that the ip is not yet ready and pressing enter refreshes the info available. Takes an additional 2-4 seconds on a couple of machines I have here.

This update should now have been incorporated in both the testing and the stable channel. Try applying what update are available in the channel of you choice and the message should now be more helpful.
Fix was applied in version 3.8-8.11 so that version and newer should be more helpful in this regard.

Also note that there is now a shiny new iso v3.8-9 with the fix already in:- downloadable from the usual places.

Hope that helps.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave the sdq3 to others, although if this is older hardware then there may well be a hdd delay option in the bios that give the HDD’s a little more time to get their power on checks done prior to being written off as not there / ready. Worth a look.

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so this issue was resolved- i hit enter and was given the ip address. the sdq3 issue wanst resolved, i simply installed to a usb2.0 device. slow but working. I believe this issue is related to the hardware.

now im chasing down a write latency. i have 16 4tb sata drives in a raid 10 pool. (originally tried raid6) I have a myth tv server as the only thing running on this nfs share. i currently have a 269 ms write latency on this vm. obviously this is causing a bit of jitter on my rasberry pi openelec install.