This snapshot was created outside rockstor error


  • Just instaled rockstor on a custom 12 disk machine.
  • updated to latest version via webui
  • created a raid6 pool with 6 disks
  • created a share
  • exported the share via samba and nfs
  • created a snapshot
  • cloned the share
  • tried to delete the clone. gives me the error
  • tried to delete the snapshot gives me the error
  • the clone is not available on the share para to create another share based on the clone.

@finas Thanks for reporting this issue and welcome to Rockstor community!

I was able to reproduce the issue as you so clearly detailed. Here’s the issue I’ve created for it.

I’ll try to get it done with 3.8-3 if possible.


Really looking forward to test rockstor and see how it fares.

still happening on 3.8-3

Thanks for retesting. you are right, the issue is still open and did not make it in 3.8-3. I’ve just increased it’s priority, will update back here soon.