Timeline for openSUSE re-base

I was wondering what the general predicted timeline for the openSUSE re-base is right now. I’m currently on Unraid looking to switch to Rockstor but I would rather wait just a little bit if the openSUSE work is getting close. I also need openSUSE since I’m on AMD Epyc 3000 and if I’m doing my research right, CentOS 7 won’t boot on my system, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

@xradeon Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Yes we are quite exited to be nearing the end of our distro transition and, by way of a rough guide as to our ETA on a Stable Channel release of our ‘Built on openSUSE’ variant we are aiming at the currently in beta Leap15.2. So upon Leap 15.2’s official release we are hoping to have feature parity, or near enough, with out current CentOS offering and our own installer ready for general use.

See the following, slightly outdated, doc entry for info on our update channels:

Update Channels: http://rockstor.com/docs/update-channels/update_channels.html

However we do already have testing channel rpms available for various openSUSE versions but, as yet, there are no Stable channel rpms due to a lack of feature/function parity with our CentOS offering.

Hope that helps as a rough guide on our intentions re timing and our ‘Built on openSUSE’ endeavour.


Awesome! That’s probably going to be perfect timing for me. I’ll keep up on the work. I’m glad someone as put in effort to create a BTRFS NAS distro!