Tis the season of giving! -- Free Rockstor subscriptions!

Hello Everyone,

FSF is more than $300K short of their funding goal for the year. I safely assume that most of us in the Rockstor community know the value of free software and the critically important work that FSF does furthering our freedoms. I’ve been supporting them for more than a decade and we want to incent you to do the same. So we’ll give you a free 3 year subscription to stable updates if you donate to FSF. We’ll do the same for other organizations like EFF, FSFE or some other similar organization of your choice.

To claim your free subscription, first purchase it directly from your Rockstor web-ui or this direct link. At the checkout, there’s a field called special instructions to the seller. Just present a reasonable proof of your donation in that field and place your order. We’ll send your activation code and then refund you within a day. Pretty simple, and you’ll feel really good, I promise :slight_smile:


Is this still available?

Absolutely! Thanks for asking.

How do i find the appliance UUID?

@jakeyg If you setup email notification via the instructions in the official docs:


The the test email should contain your installs UUID.

Hope that helps.

Click on the hostname below the rockstor logo in your UI.