Top Shares by Usage 3.9.1-0 - displays 0 bytes but also shows usage

I see a few topics from 2015, and 2016 that are similar to what I’m seeing…

I imported disks when I had to reinstall rockstor, and now the “top shares by usage” dashboard widgit isn’t working properly. If you look, the two “backup” folders both have quite a bit of data in them, but the widget displays 0 bytes.

I’m ok, with just turning that widget off, but I wanted to also make sure I shared what I found in case this wasn’t a known issue.


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@Absenth Thanks for the report.

It may be that your pool is still, ‘indexing’ it’s shares. Quotas can take a while to recalculate. Also note that we have made quite a few improvements since the ISO, including in quota management. But only our CentOS Stable channel and our new ‘Built on openSUSE’ variants can run with quotas disabled, which in turn give the ability to re-enable them.

3.9.1-0 released July 2017

3.9.1-16 last CentOS based testing channel release: November 2017
(Essentially 3.9.2-0 Stable release) and also given a kernel jump from 4.10 to 4.12

3.9.2-57 last CentOS based Stable release: 25 Apr 2020

And our as yet no download but has a DIY build your own installer Release Candidate
4.0.0-0 21 July 2020 (4.0.1-0 2nd Aug 2020)

So given this is a new install for you, you may want to re-do using the DIY installer builder in the following repository:

We are actively seeking folks to ‘prove’ and test this installer build mechanism and report their difficulties. And if/once it works for you, you will have a Rockstor 4 installer image that comes with all pending updates to our new base of Leap 15.2 pre-installed. You will also have a far newer btrfs base that is far better reliability wise that our rather neglected kernels of our CentOS offerings. It was one of the motivating factors in the ‘Build on openSUSE’ move.

And given that we can no longer build rpms for the now legacy CentOS channels it would be great to get you onto the current Rockstor 4. See the following:

If you do fancy having a go at the DIY installer builder then do please start a fresh thread on the forum with your experience. And note that there is now also a non linux system/desktop dependant way to build the installer documented within the vagrant_env dir in that repo. Thanks to forum member @mikemonkers. Sorry we don’t have downloads just yet but all in good time and we also want to increase knowledge and testing of this installer build system prior to releasing downloads anyway given we will be building the downloadable installers (when we get there) using this exact repository. Hence the call for testeres.

So thanks again for the report but it would be better to have a report from a more current install. We have also fixed out reporting within the Web-UI of stating that one is running the most current version when one is not.

Several folks on the forum have now built their own installers so do consider this as it would be great to have a few more reports of the pain point in that process and hopefully, if the timing is right, the existing testers can chip in and help if it is required.

Hope that helps.

@Absenth I’m afraid I left my manners behind in the rush to answer and forgot the customary “Welcome to the Rockstor community.”

And thanks again for the report. It’s a super important part or our open source development and much appreciated.