Transmission rock-on installation

Quick simple rock-on install question.

Currently I have 2 pools. The one created during installation “rockstor-rockstor” and “media-pool”. The “media-pool” was created to store my data (TV, movies, music, misc. docs, etc.).

When installing transmission, which pool do I create the “transmission-rockon” share in?

@Marinerdevil Here are some doc links that might help:-
Rock-ons (Docker Plugins)
(as you will also need a rock-ons-root share or the like to store the rock-on itself)
and more specific to Transmission itself.
Transmission Rock-on

Hope that helps.

Also note that you can have any number of shares on a single pool and that it is not advisable to use the rockstor_rockstor pool as it has some limitations.

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Thanks for the reply,

here’s what I have (prolly should have added this to begin with). I think it’s correct. Just want to make sure Trans is where it needs to be. If it is not or if there is a better way, then please let me know.

Judging by your reply, I think I’m good. I am trying to follow the directions provided and not freelancing.

@Marinerdevil Cheers, that looks great with regard to splitting everything into their own share. The only thing you could improve is to not use the rockstor_rockstor pool for your rock-ons-root or plex-config but it’s not a show stopper. It just means that if you have to re-install you will lose those data sets, where as if they were on media-pool then they could be imported. Plus they gain the more common redundancy (multiple disks) of non rockstor_rockstor pools. This is further advised as your rockstor_rockstor pool isn’t really that big, especially once a few snapshots are taken; though there’s plenty of space yet. It’s really just a matter of opinion / convenience though entirely fine as is (with the given provisos).

A quick question, I see from the transmission docs that the Transmission Share “Data Storage” is named by example as you have done as “transmission-rockon” to me that seems a bit confusing as it’s like the storage is for the rock-on instead of for transmission data files. Given all rock-ons are installed in and share the rock-ons-root share. Maybe the docs should suggest something else ie transmission-data instead. What do you think? That way it would be more in line with for instance the plex-data suggestion or the btsync-data suggestion. I’d be happy to submit these changes but would like a second opinion as to me, now you’ve brought attention to it, it looks out of place when virtually all the other rock-ons use data or datashare in their suggested names. I’m working on the docs at the moment so I should be able to sort that while I’m there (along with the change to the rockon-registry transmission.json for the mouse over text).

I’m afraid I made a slip up re share / pool in my last comment but I’ve corrected it now.

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@phillxnet Easy stuff first.

Suggesting that the data storage for Trans be named “Transmission-rockon” was a little confusing. Suggesting that the share be named “Transmission-data” would make more sense to a noob like me. So, I think this is a great idea. It would also be helpful if the docs explicitly suggested that a unique share be created and that it not be placed in the “rockstor-rockstor” pool. However, I do realize that the documentation needs to appeal to a wide audience, not just noobs. Just my opinion. Like I mentioned, I am trying to follow the instructions precisely so that i do things right the first time. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Truth be told, I learned more about linux than I ever thought by screwing up and then googling why things didn’t work as I thought and then fixing it, most of the time.

Now the hard stuff.

Is there a way of implementing your suggestions in regards to share names and locations, aside from re-installing the whole shebam! I would like to have the thing screwed down tight.