Transmission rockon - share mapped representation somewhat confusing

This might just be me, but I went through the setup of the Transmission rockon several times because I found the configuration of where things are going to be downloaded to somewhat confusing.

Coming in to it as a user, what you’re shown is the downloads will go to /var/lib/transmission-daemon/[downloads|incomplete]

If you go looking for that path, the transmission-dameon folder doesn’t exist. I sort of understand now that the rockons are being installed using docker, so the paths are in docker containers, not the filesystem as I traditionally think about it.

At first I was trying to figure out how to change /var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads to the path that I really wanted files to download to. Now I understand that through some backend trickery, this static directory definition points to whatever share you select. Unfortunately that means I can’t select a subfolder of an already existing share.

Additinally, after transmission is installed if I go back to the configuration I have the option to add a share. Here I have a field to fill out the rockon directory. I have no idea what this should be as I suspect this is relative to or chroot’d to a docker container filestructure but I don’t actually know that one way or the other.

Finally, there are some cleanup issues around selecting a share to be used for rockons and then making configuration changes. I’ll open a different thread on that b/c I would consider it an issue or a bug rather than just feedback/thoughts. I’ll link it back here once I’ve made it becuase it’s all related.
EDIT: Here is the link for the cleanup issue. Rockon share cleanup

man, you’ve been busy! We are actively brushing up the Rock-on install wizard better tooltips and flow to keep things clear every step of the way. Docs are also on the way. Stay tuned.

Adding a Share is a generic feature to map arbitrary Shares as directories inside of a Rock-on/docker container. In case of Transmission, there’s no need. But perhaps we shouldn’t put that button there for Rock-ons that don’t need additional Shares.

Did this functionality to map shares to directories inside of transmission go away? (I don’t see it for transmission) I would LOVE to be able to map my downloads and incomplete folders to 2 different pools (shares)…

@jaredrsowers Welcome to the Rockstor community!

You are correct, the docker image being used does not have that separation. What is the advantage of have two separate Shares for the downloads?

My idea was to have the OS and things that use the hard drive frequently on SSD and things that are mostly not used on HDD. I wanted to put the incoming folder and configuration on my SSD, but once downloaded move it to my HDD… and without being able to mount another share on it, i am unable to do this ;(