Transmission settings reset after restart (transmission+openvpn rockon)


Everytime transmission restarts, the settings.json file gets overwritten to default settings.

I tried changing the file manually and still had the file overwritten.
The transmission settings are in a separate share so they are not suppose to be overwritten.

I want to know if I can change the default parameters manually so when the settings file gets overwritten, it takes the values I want.

This container accepts quite a bit of environment variables:

If what you want to change is part of those, maybe we should integrate those into the Rock-on. @doenietzomoeilijk, do you think it would be a good idea to do so? I know there are a lot of options and in my experience the Rock-on creation UI doesn’t “scale” well with a lot of options.

I ran into the “settings get overwritten” issue as well - I thought it was something I did, but it turns out it’s a wider issue. I’ll have to make some time to look into that.

@Flox As for adding more env vars: like you said the UI doesn’t really support a lot of them, and most of them should be configurable through the settings file. I prefer getting that to not get clobbered every restart, and work with / document that, leaving the settings that can’t be changed through a config file for environment variables.

Makes a lot of sense, indeed.
Maybe it is related to the following lines?

It seems the container is rewriting the Transmission options from its default template at every start. This may be better suited on the container’s github, however…