Transmission watch folder

Hello everybody!

First a big thank you for this wonderful storage platform!
I came here because I have a question, how can I set the “watch folder” of transmission to auto download all torrents there?
I hope somebody could answer me, I have checked on the internet, but it looks like the parameters:

“watch-dir”: “/mnt/yourmointpoint/watchdir”,
“watch-dir-enabled”: true

Are not woking… Or I did something wrong.
Anyway, thank you very much!

Hi @G_Man_be,

I’m not a user of Transmission but I’ll try to help as best as I can. I do not know how familiar you are with how Docker containers work (which is what Rock-Ons use), but my first thought would be that your issue may simply result from a mismapped share.

Could you provide more details on how you set those settings and what does not work exactly?

  1. Are these settings changes in a config file?
  2. Where on your system is your watch folder? It would need to be within the share mapped to Transmission during its Rock-On setup. If it’s in a different share, you would need to add the share as an additional storage to the Rock-On first.
  3. If all the above is set correctly, alternatively it could be a problem with share permission, i.e. the user under which the Transmission Rock-On cannot read the files placed in the watch folder.

Sorry I cannot help you more directly for now, but I’m hoping the information above will provide some clues.