Trouble with drivers

Hello, I am setting up Rockstor for the first time on an older ASRock B250 Pro4.

The issue I am having is the motherboard needs its onboard LAN driver installed, however, Rockstor needs this driver to install correctly. Do I have any options or am I out of luck?

@ETXElectronics Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

If you have no other network option, you could build a custom installer with the required openSUSE package pre-installeed for your driver. We are likely just missing the firmware required for your driver.

Take a look at for example the following pull request which I think is after we have last released our installers as we are due to build fresh ones now we have our latest 4.6.1-0 stable release out:

The main thing to establish is what openSUSE package provides what you need to get your network card functioning as expected. Let us know if you establish what is needed. You may well find that just building with what we have now in the repository will work for you as I think it has progressed since our last installer builds. Just read the in that repo and go the boxbuild method on a suitably capable machines (VM or othewise) and you should end up with a fresh installer with all updates pre-installed. Go with a Leap 15.4 profile for now.

We may, before the next installer build, add all the kernel firmware packages, or some more of the likely candidates anyway.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much! That is a suitable solution, I will start that process as soon as I can find the linux driver for it, right now all they have listed are windows versions.

If the board has an Intel LAN setup (could be with that chipset) then you could check out here:
Depending on what it is it might be as simple as a kernel driver to be added to the installation disk