Twonky server install

Installed rockstor a few days ago and all is working well. I use kodi on most tvs but i have a few samsung smart tvs that previously accessed files via twonky on a seagate central nas. Does anyone know if twonky can be installed on rockstor ?

I have tried plex a few times over the years but really dislike it. I tried installing twonky but it failed to start giving lib g errors


Rockstor is build on top of 64bit CentOS7 and from the twonky downloads page they appear to only offer a 32 bit version so that may be where your glibc errors may have come from. I think your best bet is to search for installing twonky on CentOS 7 though from a quick go at this there doesn’t look to be much advise on this. I would advise you look for alternative dlna servers. Can Kodi not serve the samsung tvs then, ie via a dlna option? Let us know how you get on with this one.

If your dislike of Plex is aesthetic in nature then I thought they had done a face lift more recently. That might be worth a look.

Thanks for the reply. My preference for twonky is that it seems to use much less resources on the server and the folder structure is better.

My most used files are in a share/folder called latest. I do not use the plex interface and have tried the dlna feature of plex but with twonky on a smart tv to get a list of your files you click videos/by folder

plex i have to click videos/latest/by folder/by folder/

I will have another go at twonky server. I never though about the 32 bit issue. I installed imagemagick ok but need to solve the lib g error.


Managed to get it install after a bit of trial and error.

After following twonky instructions you get the lib g errors.

Next type

yum clean all

yum list all libgcc

This will give you a list of what is installed and what is available.

In my case it gave the following info
Installed Packages
libgcc.x86_64 4.8.5-4.el7 @base
Available Packages

Next type in
yum install libgcc.i686

Twonky is now up and running and available on a browser on port 9000