Unable to create a share

Unable to create a share

Brief description of the problem

Hey all, when i’m trying to create a share and link it
to the pool i created, it doesn’t works but if i link this
share to the “root” pool it works.

  • I’ve noticed something, my Rockstor runs on a CentOS VM but the iso that i’ve downloaded is for openSUSE Leap, do you think is the reason of the problem ?
    Who can help me please ?

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Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI

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Hello @brisko237, and welcome!

I’m not sure what you mean by “my Rockstor runs on a CentOS VM” but I would assume you selected some sort of default presets when creating a VM that would be suited for CentOS. If this is the case, this would not create much problem at all. If you do run Rockstor in a VM, however, I would point you towards a relevant section of our docs explaining the requirements related to passing the disks to the VM:

We still need to update the screenshots for Rockstor v4, but the gist remains the same. The important thing is to make sure to pass the raw disks to your VM so that Rockstor can have proper and safe access to them. It seems this isn’t the problem, though, so I’ll move along.

From the name of the pool in the traceback (Disqueraid5), is it correct that you created this pool using the Raid5 configuration? If this is indeed the case, I believe you are encountering a specificity of the raid5 level that @phillxnet recently addressed. I will first point you towards our related section(s) of the documentation:

As of Rocksor v4 “Built on openSUSE” Leap 15.3 base, the far younger parity raid levels of 5 & 6 are read-only by default. Write access can be enabled by Installing the Stable Kernel Backport: advanced users only . See also our Btrfs raid1c3 raid1c4 doc section on the same page.

In the error you saw in the webUI, you have:

(...) read-only filesystem while settings flags for (...)

This is what makes me think you are hitting the situation above.

I would wait for proper feedback by the experts here (such as @phillxnet) before proceeding further, but the fact that you can create the on the ROOT pool (which is single) tends to me make think that we don’t have a problem with that part itself, but rather with a raid5 pool level. Could you confirm that you are indeed using a raid5 pool? If yes, you could try creating a raid 1, or 10 pool to see if that works.

Sorry for not being able to give you a proper answer, but I hope I could at least give you some pointers while we wait for better advice and feedback.

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Hey Flox,

Thank you a lot for you response,

Yes I am using a RAID5
Okay, I don’t knew that RAID5 was read only so I will switch on RAID10 for know if that works or not §
I’ll give you a feedback soon.

Thank you a lot again !