Unable to create new shares is this

Hi there, I’m new to rockstor as well as to linux. Just switched from omv paid 3 years subscription and I cannot add new shares. The error message is:

        Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/rest_framework_custom/generic_view.py”, line 41, in _handle_exception
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/storageadmin/views/share.py”, line 191, in post
share_pqgroup_assign(pqid, s)
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/fs/btrfs.py”, line 976, in share_pqgroup_assign
return qgroup_assign(share.qgroup, pqgroup, mnt_pt)
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/fs/btrfs.py”, line 1017, in qgroup_assign
raise e
CommandException: Error running a command. cmd = /sbin/btrfs qgroup assign 0/1161 2015/50 /mnt2//c9fac1f4-b21b-432e-84d2-d59fa36bbbf3. rc = 1. stdout = [’’]. stderr = [‘ERROR: unable to assign quota group: Invalid argument’, ‘’]

Is this the solution for me as well? “btrfs quota enable /mnt2/pool-name”

Edit: Just tried it … yes it works.

@ojessie Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for helping to support Rockstor development.

Glad you got this sorted.

The latest testing version of Rockstor is actually now a few months behind the stable channel due to some project changes favouring the stable re rpm updates. And one of the areas of improvement in stable is the ability to work with quotas disabled. So the problem you experienced should now be fixed in the stable channel (ie multiple failures when quotas are disabled). However there is a rather chicken and egg bug that remains in the latest testing release that means when you first subscribe to stable it indicates a new version is installed but is actually confusing available with installed, ie:


This has now been fixed but of course as the bug is in the system confusing installed and available the problem remains and no Web-UI update options is presented.

Fix is to initially manually update via the command line (as root):

yum update rockstor

although one can check first the various versions via:

yum info rockstor

There after it should work as intended and properly register updates as they become available. Although all system updates bar Rockstor can be installed via the flashing icon to the left of the Linux kernel version indicator.

You should see a quota enable / disable column entry for each pool if you have successfully update to latest stable.

Hope that helps and thanks again for the support and glad you are up and running.