Unable to deactivate AFP Service in Web-UI

Due to the an actual issue I want to deactivate AFP, because I don’t really use it at the moment.
Every time I deactivate the Service AFP via Web-UI it Comes back again immediately.
How can I deactivate it permanently?


@anborn Hello again.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this myself before also, although I didn’t get around to creating a GitHub issue for it. Could you do so in our rockstor-core repo.

At the time I noticed it I didn’t get to look into it much but hopefully it’s not to difficult a problem and once we have an issue it can serve as a focus for progress on it’s solution. I take it you’ve tried turning the service off in both the AFP area and the general services page? Either one should work but there may be a bug with one that doesn’t affect the other. @def_monk recently uncovered a similar problem where the SMB specific page switch worked slightly differently to the services page switch. But this only showed up as an issue in our “Built on openSUSE” variants.



I get the same issue too, so I’ve created an issue for it: https://github.com/rockstor/rockstor-core/issues/2123 with some more details in.