Unable to find files to complete OpenVPN RockOn install

I am trying to complete the install for OpenVPN where you have to go and run some files in the “/opt/rockstor/bin/” location

  1. ovpn-initpki
  2. ovpn-client-gen
  3. ovpn-client-print
    but I do not have the /bin directory when I log on as root and try to navigate there. Am I missing something or is it because it is running out of a docker file? I am not well versed in Docker so I know that there could be something I am missing with this.


@Sweepy welcome to the Rockstor community. Since you are, I assume, running the version 4.5.8-0, you have found a missing update to the Rockon Documentation (both in the documentation, as well as the Rockon information button itself).

With the switch to using poetry for the installation and introducing the virtual environment venv within Rockstor, some of the paths have changed. In your case, I believe, instead of using this path
you need to change it to include the virtual environment directory, like so

This should now allow you to run the instructions like this:

Additional steps are required by this Rock-on.

Run these following commands as the root user on your Rockstor system, i.e., via a ssh console.

Initialize PKI The OpenVPN Rock-on will not start without it.


Generate a client certificate One for each client


Retrieve client configuration For any one of your clients. The resulting .ovpn file can be used to connect to this OpenVPN server.


Configure firewall

If your Rockstor system is behind a firewall, you will need to configure it to allow OpenVPN traffic to forward to your Rockstor system.

Let us know, whether that works for you, and then we can work on updating the documentation and the Rockon information.


I have created 2 issues (one in the Rockon Registry, one in the Rockstor documentation repository) that need to be updated, once we are on our next official release:



@Hooverdan Thanks! This is exactly what it was. Got everything working after I navigated to the location. I now realize that I should have just searched for the files throughout the system, but thanks for still giving me the information that I needed. :smile: