Unable to install any Rock-on using Firefox [Solved]

Hello, I’ve tried to install a few Rock-ons on my new Rockstor VM, and each one will get to the last configuration step, but when you click the Submit button to begin installing, nothing happens, no GUI response, nothing in the journal. I had left the VM sit for awhile and then updated it to latest today and tried the Transmission Rock-on again, same result. Any ideas?

@link Welcome to Rockstor Community. Yes we have an outstanding critical issue with Firefox and those buttons; quite frustrating I know. If you could for the time being use Chrome you should have a smoother time.

Hope this helps.

I would add to this, that since the 3.8-5, the dashboard widgets also do not work under Firefox.

The graphs do not update proberly. They look OK on Chrome.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve verified that I am able to install Rock-ons with another browser, Konqueror in my case.

Is there any timeframe on addressing the Firefox issues? Seems like a pretty severe bug, and I cannot use Chrome since it rejects all TLS certificates generated by my CA that I use to secure my websites. Naturally, they work fine with Firefox.

We just merged the issue @phillxnet referenced in an earlier comment. It’s being tested right now and will be rolled out with the next update(3.8-6), so within a week or so. Do note that dashboard widgets are not rendered properly in Firefox, not a big problem, but here’s the issue of it.

Fantastic. I’m really impressed with the latest update to Rockstor and happy to see the progress the project seems to be making.

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Just want to close the loop on this post. 3.8-6 update fixed this issue.