Unable to install on SuperMicro X10SDV-TLN4F

Attempting to install on a SuperMicro X10SDV-TLN4F board. Using SuperMicro SATA DOM, 64GB RAM, 4 x 10TB HDD.

Graphical installer launches and after maybe 2 seconds, the system goes to console and I see


…and it then reboots.

No one? Or did I miss something that should be obvious in the documentation?

I dunno, but that automatic reboot is no good. You sure the HW is functioning properly, especially the DIMMs?

I had related but not similar issues; it rebooted at a waaay earlier stage and the reason was i stupidly enabled Intel TXT (Trusted Execution Environment) in the firmware.

The hardware is good. I had FreeNAS installed on here initially for several months…and then I tried to grow the pool after adding a disk and remembered that’s why I prefer btrfs to ZFS, and here I am.