Unknown client error doing a POST to /api/shares/544/snapshots/1st snapshot

SMB Share has errors on (so far just) certain files.

Errors are peculiar, citing either a lack of permissions, or insufficient disk space.

in the Rockstor gui, share shows as empty but I can map to it in Windows as admin and access/copy files.

No shapshots listed, error in subject line above occurs when I try to create a writable snapshot.

Same error occurs when I untick the “writable” box and try again.

The next thing is to reboot but I’d like to know what’s going on here.

Thank you


I’ll try to help if I can and answer some of your questions as well.

I understand you are seeing these errors in your Windows client(s) when trying to access the files in question, is that correct? If you can still access these Samba exports, that makes me think that it’s something related to the files themselves rather than an issue with exporting them, but I’m not sure.

Do you have quotas disabled, by any chance? When quotas are disabled, share usage is a lot more tricky so this is not necessarily a problem. I’m curious if you can see errors reported in the Pools details page, though.

I remember seeing a report of another user facing this POST error when trying to use problematic characters in the snapshot name. Would you the name you try to use the snapshot include some of the characters listed in the tooltip? See the thread below:

Sorry for not providing a clear answer but hopefully that help clear out a few things and provide hints to others on what is happening here.

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Ok, yes, I had a question mark (?) and a colon (:slight_smile: in there, I’ve taken them out and can now create a snapshot.



Glad it was that simple!

@HarryHUK, who originally reported this, had the good idea to propose we do proper validation of this field in the future to avoid this kind of error and this further supports the fact that we really do need that. They filed an issue for it on our Github repo so anybody willing to have a try at addressing it is welcome to do so! For those interested, see link below:

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