Unknown internal error doing a GET to /api/users


found a bug.
I have an install with only one local user. Now i added a ADS connection and afterwards i get this error message on several pages:

e.g. when i try to add a samba share

Can you please provide some log?

The error is still there with 3.9.2-20. Now with additional error popups:


what logs do you need? there ist nothing interesting in messages and nginx logs…


The errors you’ve displayed are not related to the original error at all.

Regardless, with the original error - The appropriate logs would be those in /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log

The latest error that you’re displaying is (AFAIK) an known error regarding timeouts in the UI, refreshing usually resolves it.


after again deactivating the ADS service, reboot and activating again the error is gone :frowning:
i will have an eye on it…