Update 5.0.6 Broken "Access denied"

Yesterday i update 5.0.5 to 5.0.6-0 and unable access any shares. All shares don’t access. “Access denied”

I try zypper update, smb services on-off, reboot system, change password, create new user. None of them are a solution.

Hi @hmete1,

To confirm, did your update to Rockstor-5.0.6 complete successfully or are you also experiencing a failed update? Would you be on Leap 15.4 if that’s the case?
Try verifying what version is currently installed first:

zypper info rockstor

If you are still on the previous version, try re-installing the newer update as per instructions detailed in the post below:

Let’s see how far we go from here and then we can dig deeper as needed.

Rockstor-5.0.6 complete successfully complate. and yes i use leap 15.4

i try sudo zypper in --force rockstor but it didn’t work.
after i clean install rockstor, create access user and mount old disk to the urgency of the job.

but i try 1 more diffirent rockstor server 5.0.6 update. and i take same error.

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Hi @hmete1 ,

Could you have a look at the other thread reporting similar symptoms and check the outputs of the same commands there?

Hopefully, this is the same issue; the most likely culprit is at After updating to 5.0.6-0 web interface is not accesible, and network shares are also not accesible - #9 by Flox

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