Update management / appliance IP

In my appliance I originally installed it with a particular IP address from DHCP. Later, I instructed my DHCP server to assign it a different IP, which is what I use to access it. Unfortunately, in the web UI the original IP address is still shown as the management IP, and as the appliance IP in the appliances area.

I edited and otherwise refreshed the network interfaces, changed the hostname, logged out / back in, rebooted the appliance, etc to get it to show the updated IP address, but no luck. I know it’s just cosmetic, but it would be nice to have that be correct.

Is there anything I can do in the CLI to update the database entry for that IP address? Should I file a bug about the fact that this doesn’t update automatically?

One little extra bit of info: the machine has two ethernet ports, and also an IPMI LAN port (this is an ASRock Rack C2750D4I motherboard). I have one of the regular gigabit ethernet ports connected and also the IPMI LAN port, but the IP address show for management is of not either of the IPs assigned to those two interfaces. The IPMI interface doesn’t show up in Rockstor at all, so that shouldn’t be confusing anything.

I did manage to get it to update via the web UI, by going to the services page, configuring the rockstor service, and setting the ethernet interface again. It finally took by doing that.

But, it should still update automatically to the new IP address without having to kick the tires first. :slight_smile:

Hi @mikefarny,
without looking to Rockstor code, probably management ip shown in Web UI is a value saved over Rockstor db and not via any net command, so to have it changed a network service update is required.