Update to 3.8-13 lost network information

When my rockstor instance auto-updated to 3.8-13, I now get this error when in the web UI:

"relation “storageadmin_networkconnection” does not exist LINE 1: …“storageadmin_networkconnection”.“master_id” FROM "storagead… ^

Also, I can’t start rock-ons or NFS services (and maybe others). Does anyone have any idea how to get this boostrapped properly so that it can find my NICs? When logged in via SSH it shows them, and I even was able to rename the connections with nmcli hoping that would do the trick, but to no avail.

I suspect the database migration did not run as part of the update. I have gotten one report of this problem and it happened because of a database problem while update was running. That particular system was running from USB, which may be the reason(I am purely speculating here). Is your system running from USB by chance?

Please run the following commands

  1. Turn off rockstor. systemctl stop rockstor
  2. run migration manually. /opt/rockstor/bin/django migrate storageadmin --database=default --noinput

The above command doesn’t produce any useful output if it succeeds. Let us know if you see any errors.

  1. Restart rockstor-pre systemctl restart rockstor-pre
  2. Start rockstor again. systemctl start rockstor
  3. Also restart the bootstrap service if 3&4 ran successfully. systemctl restart rockstor-bootstrap

Regarding nmcli, Rockstor tries to interpret the nmcli output, but doesn’t change anything on it’s own. In your case it looks more like a db issue.

Hope that helps.

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That seems to have worked, thank you!