Update to openSUSE 15.4 error refreshing repository

Hi while refreshing the repositories befor inplace upgrade to 15.4 I get the following error:
Repository ‘Rockstor-Stable’ is invalid.
[Rockstor-Stable|http://00000000-59a6c320-037f-4eb3-8ec0-c2d30dffc0b8@updates.rockstor.com:8999/rockstor-stable/leap/15.4?credentials=/etc/zypp/credentials.d/Rockstor-Stable&auth=basic] Valid metadata not found at specified URL

I just saw, that my Stable Update Subscription ended after 3 years.
Is it possible to renew/extend Subsription, or should I switch to Testing Updates for upgrading OS?

Hi @anborn,

Thanks for reaching out.

Nothing is actually wrong here as this is is an expected behavior for now. The reason you are seeing this error is because you have the Stable Updates channel activated in your installation so zypper is looking for updates in this repo. Unfortunately, we do not yet have populated this repo in 15.4 as the first Stable release is about to be created. See below for a better explanation from @Hooverdan:

… as well as @phillxnet’s additional information:

As I presume this is unfortunately blocking your 15.3 to 15.4 upgrade (I presume you are following this how-to: Distribution update from 15.3 to 15.4 — Rockstor documentation), I would suggest disabling this repository for the time being:

sudo zypper mr -d Rockstor-Stable

You can verify it is properly disabled with:

sudo zypper lr -U

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support of the project via your Stable subscription. The next Stable release should really be very close as we have not heard from breaking bugs in our latest release candidate so we shouldn’t have to wait for long anymore.

Our apologies again for this less-than-optimal experience, but let us know how the upgrade goes.

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Sorry I missed that part in my previous answer.

Thank you again for the continued support; that is extremely appreciated.

@phillxnet is actually hard at work at the moment on our Self-service appliance manager (https://appman.rockstor.com) to implement some last minute changes made by Shopify (used to run our shop and thus tied to the Stable subscriptions memberships) and move to our new Open Collective arrangement. He’ll thus be able to provide a proper answer on the question about the renewal.

With regards to switching to Testing for your OS upgrade, I think the easier would be to disable the Stable repo for now and then re-enable it once we have it populated so that you can get up-to-date with Rockstor itself then. You could indeed switch to testing for the OS upgrade, but that will itself update Rockstor and then you would have to switch back to Stable after your OS upgrade (the next Testing release will include our big Python upgrade and thus would be only recommended for testing). Given we are so close to releasing the Stable, I would recommend waiting for just a little longer and simply disabling the Rockstor-Stable repo for now.

Hope I wasn’t too confusing and that I helped nonetheless.

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Thanx Flox,
I just upgraded to 15.4 and everything seems to work so far.
I disabeled Rockstor-Stable for a while and will wait for Phil’s recommendation how I will be able to renew the subscription for my existing system/Appliance ID.



@anborn Hello there.

Thanks. And as @Flox stated I am currently working on Appman (with some much appreciated @Flox assistance) and have actually just got our first end-to-end test in place and passing. I hope to push the initial Open Collective integration out to the production Appman instance in the next few days. Shopify will then be removed entirely from the ‘loop’. This was all planned for the end of this year but we received 3 weeks notice (around 3 weeks ago!!!) of yet another API breaking change on their part. This has rather forced our hand and:

  • Delayed the start of our 4.6.0-0 Stable Updates channel release Leap 15.4 repo.
  • Delayed the start of our next testing channel phase (Python 3.6 move).

Both of which are very nearly ready, bar some important pre-publication checks.

But at least this way we can smooth the current hoop jumping involved in our continued use of our legacy shop (Shopify) for it’s activation code ‘order’ integration with Appman, and have this all managed via Open Collective and Appman having a chat instead. Plus it will be far less confusing than our current interim solution, and hopefully a return to a smoother experience re subscribing a system to the Stable Updates channel.

If you would be up for some testing of Appman’s pending Open Collective integration that would be great. Let me know if you are game via a PM here on the forum as that will make for a ‘real world’ test that would be more reassuring all-in. No worries otherwise as I’m pretty sure we will have this all sorted, and real-world tested, very shortly.

My apologies to all caught up in this accoss-the-board delay - but we are almost there now, just getting the final Appman code tests in place with a little more work to go and we should have the start of our new Open Collective integration all setup and hopefully shiny. This may end up working out for the best all-around actually as we can then hopefully bake into our Web-UI the newer instructions.

Hope that helps. And again my apologies to all for this forced delay in our stated release plans. But I think it should all work out for the best - if we tread carefully.