Updates stopped, still getting update mails


I have stopped the auto updates from system -> software update

I have email alerts set on from system -> Email Alerts

Yet I keep getting the following mail everyday


The following updates will be downloaded on livanas:
Package Arch Version Repository
================================================================================ Installing:

NetworkManager x86_64 1:1.8.0-11.el7_4 updates 1.6 M
replacing NetworkManager.x86_64 1:1.4.0-20.el7_3
NetworkManager-ppp x86_64 1:1.8.0-11.el7_4 updates 157 k
replacing NetworkManager.x86_64 1:1.4.0-20.el7_3
grub2 x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 29 k
replacing grub2.x86_64 1:2.02-0.44.el7.centos
grub2-tools x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 1.8 M
replacing grub2-tools.x86_64 1:2.02-0.44.el7.centos
grub2-tools-extra x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 993 k
replacing grub2-tools.x86_64 1:2.02-0.44.el7.centos
grub2-tools-minimal x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 170 k
replacing grub2-tools.x86_64 1:2.02-0.44.el7.centos
kernel-ml x86_64 4.12.4-1.el7.elrepo rockstor 42 M
python-gobject-base x86_64 3.22.0-1.el7_4.1 updates 294 k
replacing pygobject3-base.x86_64 3.14.0-3.el7
rdma-core i686 13-7.el7 base 43 k
replacing rdma.noarch 7.3_4.7_rc2-6.el7_3
rdma-core x86_64 13-7.el7 base 43 k
replacing rdma.noarch 7.3_4.7_rc2-6.el7_3
usbmuxd x86_64 1.1.0-1.el7 base 56 k
replacing usbmuxd.x86_64 1.0.8-11.el7

NetworkManager-glib x86_64 1:1.8.0-11.el7_4 updates 1.1 M
NetworkManager-libnm x86_64 1:1.8.0-11.el7_4 updates 1.2 M
NetworkManager-team x86_64 1:1.8.0-11.el7_4 updates 156 k
NetworkManager-tui x86_64 1:1.8.0-11.el7_4 updates 224 k
alsa-lib x86_64 1.1.3-3.el7 base 421 k
at x86_64 3.1.13-22.el7_4.2 updates 51 k
audit x86_64 2.7.6-3.el7 base 242 k
audit-libs x86_64 2.7.6-3.el7 base 96 k
audit-libs-python x86_64 2.7.6-3.el7 base 73 k
authconfig x86_64 6.2.8-30.el7 base 424 k
bash x86_64 4.2.46-29.el7_4 updates 1.0 M
bind-libs-lite x86_64 32:9.9.4-51.el7_4.2 updates 733 k
bind-license noarch 32:9.9.4-51.el7_4.2 updates 84 k
binutils x86_64 2.25.1-32.base.el7_4.2 updates 5.4 M
biosdevname x86_64 0.7.2-2.el7 base 38 k
boost-system x86_64 1.53.0-27.el7 base 40 k
boost-thread x86_64 1.53.0-27.el7 base 57 k
btrfs-progs x86_64 4.12-0.rockstor rockstor 746 k
ca-certificates noarch 2017.2.14-71.el7 base 472 k
cairo x86_64 1.14.8-2.el7 base 713 k
chkconfig x86_64 1.7.4-1.el7 base 181 k
chrony x86_64 3.1-2.el7.centos base 237 k
cpio x86_64 2.11-25.el7_4 updates 210 k
cronie x86_64 1.4.11-17.el7 base 91 k
cronie-anacron x86_64 1.4.11-17.el7 base 35 k
cryptsetup x86_64 1.7.4-3.el7_4.1 updates 128 k
cryptsetup-libs x86_64 1.7.4-3.el7_4.1 updates 223 k
cups-libs x86_64 1:1.6.3-29.el7 base 356 k
curl x86_64 7.29.0-42.el7_4.1 updates 267 k
cyrus-sasl-lib x86_64 2.1.26-21.el7 base 155 k
cyrus-sasl-plain x86_64 2.1.26-21.el7 base 38 k
dconf x86_64 0.26.0-2.el7 base 107 k
device-mapper x86_64 7:1.02.140-8.el7 base 280 k
device-mapper-libs x86_64 7:1.02.140-8.el7 base 312 k
dhclient x86_64 12:4.2.5-58.el7.centos.1 updates 282 k
dhcp-common x86_64 12:4.2.5-58.el7.centos.1 updates 174 k
dhcp-libs x86_64 12:4.2.5-58.el7.centos.1 updates 130 k
dmidecode x86_64 1:3.0-5.el7 base 88 k
dnsmasq x86_64 2.76-2.el7_4.2 updates 277 k
dracut x86_64 033-502.el7_4.1 updates 321 k
dracut-config-rescue x86_64 033-502.el7_4.1 updates 56 k
dracut-network x86_64 033-502.el7_4.1 updates 98 k
dyninst x86_64 9.3.1-1.el7 base 3.5 M
e2fsprogs x86_64 1.42.9-10.el7 base 698 k
e2fsprogs-libs x86_64 1.42.9-10.el7 base 166 k
elfutils-libelf x86_64 0.168-8.el7 base 191 k
elfutils-libs x86_64 0.168-8.el7 base 264 k
epel-release noarch 7-11 epel 15 k
ethtool x86_64 2:4.8-1.el7 base 123 k
fipscheck x86_64 1.4.1-6.el7 base 21 k
fipscheck-lib x86_64 1.4.1-6.el7 base 11 k
firewalld noarch base 416 k
firewalld-filesystem noarch base 47 k
fontconfig x86_64 2.10.95-11.el7 base 229 k
freetype x86_64 2.4.11-15.el7 base 392 k
gdk-pixbuf2 x86_64 2.36.5-1.el7 base 567 k
gettext x86_64 base 1.0 M
gettext-libs x86_64 base 501 k
glib-networking x86_64 2.50.0-1.el7 base 131 k
glib2 x86_64 2.50.3-3.el7 base 2.3 M
glibc x86_64 2.17-196.el7_4.2 updates 3.6 M
glibc-common x86_64 2.17-196.el7_4.2 updates 11 M
gmp x86_64 1:6.0.0-15.el7 base 281 k
gnutls x86_64 3.3.26-9.el7 base 677 k
gobject-introspection x86_64 1.50.0-1.el7 base 236 k
graphite2 x86_64 1.3.10-1.el7_3 updates 115 k
grep x86_64 2.20-3.el7 base 344 k
grubby x86_64 8.28-23.el7 base 70 k
gsettings-desktop-schemas x86_64 3.22.0-1.el7 base 550 k
gssproxy x86_64 0.7.0-4.el7 base 105 k
gstreamer1 x86_64 1.10.4-2.el7 base 1.2 M
gstreamer1-plugins-base x86_64 1.10.4-1.el7 base 1.4 M
gzip x86_64 1.5-9.el7 base 129 k
harfbuzz x86_64 1.3.2-1.el7 base 177 k
hwdata x86_64 0.252-8.6.el7 base 2.2 M
initscripts x86_64 9.49.39-1.el7_4.1 updates 435 k
iproute x86_64 3.10.0-87.el7 base 651 k
iprutils x86_64 base 243 k
ipset x86_64 6.29-1.el7 base 41 k
ipset-libs x86_64 6.29-1.el7 base 54 k
iptables x86_64 1.4.21-18.2.el7_4 updates 428 k
iputils x86_64 20160308-10.el7 base 148 k
irqbalance x86_64 3:1.0.7-10.el7 base 45 k
iwl100-firmware noarch updates 152 k
iwl1000-firmware noarch 1: updates 215 k
iwl105-firmware noarch updates 236 k
iwl135-firmware noarch updates 245 k
iwl2000-firmware noarch updates 239 k
iwl2030-firmware noarch updates 248 k
iwl3160-firmware noarch updates 1.5 M
iwl3945-firmware noarch updates 90 k
iwl4965-firmware noarch updates 103 k
iwl5000-firmware noarch updates 296 k
iwl5150-firmware noarch updates 149 k
iwl6000-firmware noarch updates 169 k
iwl6000g2a-firmware noarch updates 312 k
iwl6000g2b-firmware noarch updates 312 k
iwl6050-firmware noarch updates 245 k
iwl7260-firmware noarch updates 1.1 M
jansson x86_64 2.10-1.el7 base 37 k
jasper-libs x86_64 1.900.1-31.el7 base 150 k
kbd x86_64 1.15.5-13.el7 base 346 k
kbd-legacy noarch 1.15.5-13.el7 base 465 k
kbd-misc noarch 1.15.5-13.el7 base 1.4 M
kexec-tools x86_64 2.0.14-17.2.el7 updates 333 k
kmod x86_64 20-15.el7_4.7 updates 121 k
kmod-libs x86_64 20-15.el7_4.7 updates 50 k
kpartx x86_64 0.4.9-111.el7_4.2 updates 73 k
krb5-libs x86_64 1.15.1-8.el7 base 747 k
krb5-workstation x86_64 1.15.1-8.el7 base 811 k
libICE x86_64 1.0.9-9.el7 base 66 k
libX11 x86_64 1.6.5-1.el7 base 606 k
libX11-common noarch 1.6.5-1.el7 base 164 k
libXfixes x86_64 5.0.3-1.el7 base 18 k
libXpm x86_64 3.5.12-1.el7 base 55 k
libXrender x86_64 0.9.10-1.el7 base 26 k
libXv x86_64 1.0.11-1.el7 base 18 k
libXxf86vm x86_64 1.1.4-1.el7 base 18 k
libblkid x86_64 2.23.2-43.el7_4.2 updates 176 k
libcap x86_64 2.22-9.el7 base 47 k
libcgroup x86_64 0.41-13.el7 base 65 k
libcom_err x86_64 1.42.9-10.el7 base 40 k
libcroco x86_64 0.6.11-1.el7 base 105 k
libcurl x86_64 7.29.0-42.el7_4.1 updates 219 k
libdb x86_64 5.3.21-21.el7_4 updates 719 k
libdb-utils x86_64 5.3.21-21.el7_4 updates 132 k
libdrm x86_64 2.4.74-1.el7 base 146 k
libgcc x86_64 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 updates 98 k
libgcrypt x86_64 1.5.3-14.el7 base 263 k
libgomp x86_64 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 updates 154 k
libgudev1 x86_64 219-42.el7_4.7 updates 84 k
libgxps x86_64 0.2.5-1.el7 base 83 k
libimobiledevice x86_64 1.2.0-1.el7 base 70 k
libkadm5 x86_64 1.15.1-8.el7 base 174 k
libldb x86_64 1.1.29-1.el7 base 128 k
libmediaart x86_64 1.9.1-1.el7 base 38 k
libmount x86_64 2.23.2-43.el7_4.2 updates 178 k
libnfsidmap x86_64 0.25-17.el7 base 49 k
libnl3 x86_64 3.2.28-4.el7 base 278 k
libnl3-cli x86_64 3.2.28-4.el7 base 160 k
libosinfo x86_64 1.0.0-1.el7 base 225 k
libpcap x86_64 14:1.5.3-9.el7 base 138 k
libpciaccess x86_64 0.13.4-3.1.el7_4 updates 26 k
libplist x86_64 1.12-3.el7 base 58 k
libseccomp x86_64 2.3.1-3.el7 base 56 k
libselinux x86_64 2.5-11.el7 base 162 k
libselinux-python x86_64 2.5-11.el7 base 234 k
libselinux-utils x86_64 2.5-11.el7 base 151 k
libsemanage x86_64 2.5-8.el7 base 145 k
libsemanage-python x86_64 2.5-8.el7 base 104 k
libsmbclient x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 130 k
libsoup x86_64 2.56.0-4.el7_4 updates 398 k
libss x86_64 1.42.9-10.el7 base 45 k
libstdc++ x86_64 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 updates 301 k
libtalloc x86_64 2.1.9-1.el7 base 33 k
libtasn1 x86_64 4.10-1.el7 base 320 k
libtdb x86_64 1.3.12-2.el7 base 47 k
libteam x86_64 1.25-5.el7 base 47 k
libtevent x86_64 0.9.31-1.el7 base 36 k
libtirpc x86_64 0.2.4-0.10.el7 base 88 k
libunwind x86_64 2:1.2-2.el7 base 57 k
libuuid x86_64 2.23.2-43.el7_4.2 updates 79 k
libwbclient x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 104 k
libxcb x86_64 1.12-1.el7 base 211 k
linux-firmware noarch 20170606-58.gitc990aae.el7_4 updates 35 M
logrotate x86_64 3.8.6-14.el7 base 69 k
lsscsi x86_64 0.27-6.el7 base 47 k
mailx x86_64 12.5-16.el7 base 244 k
mariadb-libs x86_64 1:5.5.56-2.el7 base 757 k
mesa-libEGL x86_64 17.0.1-6.20170307.el7 base 82 k
mesa-libGL x86_64 17.0.1-6.20170307.el7 base 155 k
mesa-libgbm x86_64 17.0.1-6.20170307.el7 base 32 k
mesa-libglapi x86_64 17.0.1-6.20170307.el7 base 41 k
microcode_ctl x86_64 2:2.1-22.5.el7_4 updates 786 k
ncurses x86_64 5.9-14.20130511.el7_4 updates 304 k
ncurses-base noarch 5.9-14.20130511.el7_4 updates 68 k
ncurses-libs x86_64 5.9-14.20130511.el7_4 updates 316 k
net-snmp x86_64 1:5.7.2-28.el7_4.1 updates 322 k
net-snmp-agent-libs x86_64 1:5.7.2-28.el7_4.1 updates 704 k
net-snmp-libs x86_64 1:5.7.2-28.el7_4.1 updates 748 k
netatalk x86_64 5:3.1.11-0.1.1.el7 rockstor 619 k
nfs-utils x86_64 1:1.3.0-0.48.el7_4.1 updates 398 k
nginx x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 529 k
nginx-all-modules noarch 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 16 k
nginx-filesystem noarch 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 17 k
nginx-mod-http-geoip x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 23 k
nginx-mod-http-image-filter x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 26 k
nginx-mod-http-perl x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 35 k
nginx-mod-http-xslt-filter x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 25 k
nginx-mod-mail x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 53 k
nginx-mod-stream x86_64 1:1.12.2-1.el7 epel 76 k
nss x86_64 3.28.4-15.el7_4 updates 849 k
nss-softokn x86_64 3.28.3-8.el7_4 updates 310 k
nss-softokn-freebl x86_64 3.28.3-8.el7_4 updates 214 k
nss-sysinit x86_64 3.28.4-15.el7_4 updates 60 k
nss-tools x86_64 3.28.4-15.el7_4 updates 501 k
nss-util x86_64 3.28.4-3.el7 base 73 k
openjpeg-libs x86_64 1.5.1-17.el7 base 86 k
openldap x86_64 2.4.44-5.el7 base 354 k
openssh x86_64 7.4p1-13.el7_4 updates 509 k
openssh-clients x86_64 7.4p1-13.el7_4 updates 654 k
openssh-server x86_64 7.4p1-13.el7_4 updates 458 k
openssl x86_64 1:1.0.2k-8.el7 base 492 k
openssl-libs x86_64 1:1.0.2k-8.el7 base 1.2 M
orc x86_64 0.4.26-1.el7 base 166 k
p11-kit x86_64 0.23.5-3.el7 base 252 k
p11-kit-trust x86_64 0.23.5-3.el7 base 129 k
pango x86_64 1.40.4-1.el7 base 275 k
pciutils x86_64 3.5.1-2.el7 base 93 k
pciutils-libs x86_64 3.5.1-2.el7 base 46 k
pcre x86_64 8.32-17.el7 base 422 k
perl x86_64 4:5.16.3-292.el7 base 8.0 M
perl-Pod-Escapes noarch 1:1.04-292.el7 base 51 k
perl-libs x86_64 4:5.16.3-292.el7 base 688 k
perl-macros x86_64 4:5.16.3-292.el7 base 43 k
plymouth x86_64 0.8.9-0.28.20140113.el7.centos
base 116 k
plymouth-core-libs x86_64 0.8.9-0.28.20140113.el7.centos
base 107 k
plymouth-scripts x86_64 0.8.9-0.28.20140113.el7.centos
base 38 k
policycoreutils x86_64 2.5-17.1.el7 base 858 k
policycoreutils-python x86_64 2.5-17.1.el7 base 446 k
poppler x86_64 0.26.5-17.el7_4 updates 783 k
poppler-glib x86_64 0.26.5-17.el7_4 updates 137 k
postgresql x86_64 9.2.23-3.el7_4 updates 3.0 M
postgresql-libs x86_64 9.2.23-3.el7_4 updates 234 k
postgresql-server x86_64 9.2.23-3.el7_4 updates 3.8 M
procps-ng x86_64 3.3.10-16.el7 base 289 k
psmisc x86_64 22.20-15.el7 base 141 k
pytalloc x86_64 2.1.9-1.el7 base 16 k
python x86_64 2.7.5-58.el7 base 91 k
python-firewall noarch base 325 k
python-libs x86_64 2.7.5-58.el7 base 5.6 M
python-pyudev noarch 0.15-9.el7 base 55 k
readline x86_64 6.2-10.el7 base 193 k
rpcbind x86_64 0.2.0-42.el7 base 59 k
rpm x86_64 4.11.3-25.el7 base 1.2 M
rpm-build-libs x86_64 4.11.3-25.el7 base 104 k
rpm-libs x86_64 4.11.3-25.el7 base 275 k
rpm-python x86_64 4.11.3-25.el7 base 81 k
rsync x86_64 3.0.9-18.el7 base 360 k
rsyslog x86_64 8.24.0-12.el7 base 605 k
samba x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 633 k
samba-client x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 598 k
samba-client-libs x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 4.7 M
samba-common noarch 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 197 k
samba-common-libs x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 164 k
samba-common-tools x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 456 k
samba-libs x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 265 k
samba-winbind x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 516 k
samba-winbind-clients x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 129 k
samba-winbind-krb5-locator x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 83 k
samba-winbind-modules x86_64 4.6.2-12.el7_4 updates 111 k
selinux-policy noarch 3.13.1-166.el7_4.7 updates 437 k
selinux-policy-targeted noarch 3.13.1-166.el7_4.7 updates 6.5 M
shared-mime-info x86_64 1.8-3.el7 base 312 k
shellinabox x86_64 2.20-5.el7 epel 136 k
smartmontools x86_64 1:6.2-8.el7 base 422 k
sos noarch 3.4-13.el7.centos updates 390 k
sudo x86_64 1.8.19p2-11.el7_4 updates 1.1 M
systemd x86_64 219-42.el7_4.7 updates 5.2 M
systemd-libs x86_64 219-42.el7_4.7 updates 376 k
systemd-sysv x86_64 219-42.el7_4.7 updates 71 k
systemtap-runtime x86_64 3.1-5.el7_4 updates 394 k
tar x86_64 2:1.26-32.el7 base 845 k
teamd x86_64 1.25-5.el7 base 111 k
totem-pl-parser x86_64 3.10.7-1.el7 base 182 k
tracker x86_64 1.10.5-4.el7 base 1.4 M
trousers x86_64 0.3.14-2.el7 base 289 k
tuned noarch 2.8.0-5.el7_4.2 updates 234 k
tzdata noarch 2018c-1.el7 updates 479 k
upower x86_64 0.99.4-2.el7 base 156 k
util-linux x86_64 2.23.2-43.el7_4.2 updates 2.0 M
vim-minimal x86_64 2:7.4.160-2.el7 base 436 k
virt-what x86_64 1.13-10.el7 base 28 k
wpa_supplicant x86_64 1:2.6-5.el7_4.1 updates 1.2 M
xfsprogs x86_64 4.5.0-12.el7 base 895 k
yp-tools x86_64 2.14-5.el7 base 79 k
ypbind x86_64 3:1.37.1-9.el7 base 62 k
yum noarch 3.4.3-154.el7.centos.1 updates 1.2 M
yum-cron noarch 3.4.3-154.el7.centos.1 updates 62 k
yum-plugin-changelog noarch 1.1.31-42.el7 base 32 k
yum-plugin-fastestmirror noarch 1.1.31-42.el7 base 32 k
Installing for dependencies:

audit-libs i686 2.7.6-3.el7 base 96 k
boost-date-time x86_64 1.53.0-27.el7 base 52 k
bzip2-libs i686 1.0.6-13.el7 base 40 k
compat-db-headers noarch 4.7.25-28.el7 base 48 k
compat-db47 x86_64 4.7.25-28.el7 base 795 k
cracklib i686 2.9.0-11.el7 base 79 k
elfutils-default-yama-scope noarch 0.168-8.el7 base 30 k
elfutils-libelf i686 0.168-8.el7 base 196 k
elfutils-libs i686 0.168-8.el7 base 285 k
glibc i686 2.17-196.el7_4.2 updates 4.2 M
grub2-common noarch 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 726 k
grub2-pc x86_64 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 29 k
grub2-pc-modules noarch 1:2.02-0.65.el7.centos.2 updates 845 k
libattr i686 2.4.46-12.el7 base 18 k
libcap i686 2.22-9.el7 base 48 k
libcap-ng i686 0.7.5-4.el7 base 24 k
libdb i686 5.3.21-21.el7_4 updates 731 k
libfastjson x86_64 0.99.4-2.el7 base 27 k
libgcc i686 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 updates 106 k
libgcrypt i686 1.5.3-14.el7 base 266 k
libgpg-error i686 1.12-3.el7 base 87 k
libselinux i686 2.5-11.el7 base 165 k
libsepol i686 2.5-6.el7 base 284 k
libstdc++ i686 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 updates 314 k
libusbmuxd x86_64 1.0.10-5.el7 base 29 k
lyx-fonts noarch 2.2.3-1.el7 epel 159 k
nss-pem x86_64 1.0.3-4.el7 base 73 k
nss-softokn-freebl i686 3.28.3-8.el7_4 updates 199 k
opus x86_64 1.0.2-6.el7 base 630 k
osinfo-db noarch 20170423-2.el7 base 139 k
osinfo-db-tools x86_64 1.1.0-1.el7 base 79 k
pam i686 1.1.8-18.el7 base 715 k
pcre i686 8.32-17.el7 base 420 k
perl-IO-Socket-INET6 noarch 2.69-5.el7 base 20 k
perl-Socket6 x86_64 0.23-15.el7 base 27 k
python-linux-procfs noarch 0.4.9-3.el7 base 33 k
python-schedutils x86_64 0.4-6.el7 base 21 k
systemd-libs i686 219-42.el7_4.7 updates 377 k
xz-libs i686 5.2.2-1.el7 base 109 k
zlib i686 1.2.7-17.el7 base 91 k
Transaction Summary ================================================================================ Install 11 Packages (+40 Dependent packages) Upgrade 281 Packages Updates downloaded successfully.

I don’t want auto updates, how do i stop it?

@bloodynacho Welcome to the Rockstor community.

These emails are from the underlying CentOS system and don’t actually indicate that the packages are being updated, just that they are being downloaded ready. When Rockstor’s email notifications are enabled you receive all email that is directed towards the root (main system) user and this is just one of them. The default appears to be to auto download but unless you have selected to also install they are just downloaded. With auto update enabled you would also receive email indicating what was actually updated and from what prior version.

Also note that you can update everything except the Rockstor package by clicking on the flashing icon to the left of the kernel version displayed in the top right of the interface:


Though we don’t yet provide an indicator of the ‘in progress’ update once it’s initiated so do leave the box for a while before turning off or rebooting to help avoid potential issues with incomplete updates.

This way you can at least keep the rest of the system updated on a manual basis.

Hope that helps to clear this up. It’s essentially noise and normal in this setting.