Updating cloned shares

I am curious about a certain idea I was thinking about with Rockstor. Here’s what I was thinking of doing:

I’d have a share that contains my all my photos. I’d like to have that share limited to be R/W to me. I’d like to have it available Read Only to others in the house. I don’t trust others not to accidentally delete stuff. If it wasn’t for the new Ransomware Stuff – I’d just create one NSF share to me R/W and a NSF or Samba share that was Read Only with guest access. But I’m scared from some stuff I’ve read recently that perhaps the Ransomware can ignore or get around Samba’s read-only limitations.

So I was thinking of cloning the photo share to a read-only share. If that share gets messed up, who cares - because the real one is safe. But what about when I update my photos. How can I update the cloned share?

Hi @Eric_Mesa, welcome to Rockstor Community

If a samba share has owner/group/other to 700 or 755/744(group and other read/exec or just read), no one except owner will be able to delete/modify files (a ransomware too, just because acts with infected pc logged user).
Only possible with ramsonware deleting / crypting files? ransomware starting from a machine where the user logged to samba share with owner permissions.

So don’t worry about it and don’t waste time with cloning etc etc


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